Workshops & Retreats


All programs qualify for Prajna Yoga Training credits (up to 16 hrs) and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). To watch Djuna speak about her work live click here: Prajna Workshop Video

Prajna Yoga Workshop Series
August 28-30, 2015
Vista Yoga
Atlanta, Georgia

Prajna Yoga Immersion
Practice sessions will weave sensory awareness training, yoga postures, dharma study, and pranayama. This powerful combination will bring wakefulness to the body-mind connection. Open to all levels of practitioners.

Unwinding the Hips
This class will increase range of motion and stability in the hips and balance the left and right sides of the pelvis. Often the hip joints are tight, restricting pelvic movement and the breath. Fluidity in the hips allows for freedom upward through the spine. We will practice a deep sequence of hip openers, standing poses, forward bends, side bends, and back bends. With open hips we will quiet the mind in seated meditation.
Strong Back, Open Heart: Realigning the Shoulders and Neck

It is common for the shoulders to slump forward due to repetitive strain, poor posture, and overuse of the arms. This may result in pain in the neck, tension between the shoulder blades, carpal tunnel syndrome, and collapse around the heart and lungs. This session will open the upper chest and stabilize the shoulder blades. We will practice supine, seated, and standing postures to set the shoulders efficiently on the spine and prepare for arm balances.
Free Your Low Back

Low back pain is so prevalent in our culture. We will investigate how weakened abdominals, hamstring strain, and imbalanced movement patterns lead to stress, pressure and misalignment in the lumbar region. This session will include therapeutic movements and postures to unwind and realign the spine, cultivating the awareness necessary to free your low back.
Supporting the Life Force: Yoga for Immunity
Maintaining a vibrant immune system and strong defenses is a central goal of yoga. This session will view yoga postures and practices as preventive medicine to restore and enhance immunity and balance the subtle body. The sequences will tonify the glands and vessels of the immune system, and include deep twists, half-lotus, shoulder stand, and supported back bends. We will practice meditation, pranayama, and chanting to support emotional immunity.

Prajna Yoga Workshop Series
February 19-21, 2016
Eugene Yoga Studio
Eugene, OR

Prajna Yoga Workshop Series
March 4-6,2016
Juneau, AK

Yoga and Zen Retreat
July 23-24, 2016
Green Gulch Farm
Marin, CA