Djuna Mascall E.R.Y.T. 500 is a rare teacher who illuminates yoga through intelligent sequencing to allow the body, mind, and heart to open. She gracefully integrates her extensive knowledge of anatomy, alignment, and the wisdom of yoga. Each practice is unique and responsive to the individual needs of her students.
Djuna is Prajna Yoga faculty, and her primary influence comes from her ongoing work with Tias and Surya Little. She offers Prajna yoga nationally and internationally, including annual retreats at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center and Esalen, and teacher trainings. She is currently pursuing her I.A.Y.T. Yoga Therapy certification with Sarahjoy Marsh at D.A.Y.A. Foundation. She is also deeply influenced by the work of Mary Paffard, which is grounded in Buddhist meditation and a feminine approach to asana.
Djuna is currently co-teaching an advanced teacher training at Yoga Mountain Studio in Fairfax, CA, and Prajna Yoga 200 hour teacher trainings on Orcas Island, WA and at Yogini Yoga in Copenhagen, Denmark.
She was featured in Yoga Journal in August 2012 and graced the cover of the October 2012 issue.
Djuna’s teaching is inspired by her connection to nature and the sea; she sailed across the Pacific in a small engine-less sailboat and is the first woman on record to circumnavigate the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska by kayak.
She currently lives on Orcas Island, WA and teaches weekly classes at Orcas Mandala Yoga Studio.
For a taste of Prajna Yoga and Tias and Surya Little enjoy this 5 min video:


“I really appreciate your vast knowledge and passion in teaching the practice as it shines through and motivates me to seek the infinite possibilities of mind/body health that are attainable. Its amazing how every session is so completely different in the way I perceive and experience it.”  ~ Scott Ammann

“Djuna is an amazing and quiet tour de force…” ~ Sarah Hillenbrand, YogaView manager

A Huge Thank you to my dear friends who offered their photos:

All kayaking photos by Bryan Smith
All asana and headshot photos by Satya Curcio